Paraleal-Update-wshop-073.jpgThe CLRDC’s multi-faceted training programmes are aimed at enhancing understanding of broader human rights, democracy and improved access to information required to sustain participation in socio-economic platforms. In addition, the CLRDC ensures establishment and support of institutionalized Community-based Advice Offices (CAOs) as local centres for enhancing democracy and rural development for equitable access to justice in rural communities of KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape Provinces. In this way, CLRDC contributes to its beneficiaries’ ability to shape their own destiny. CLRDC offers a specialised training in Human Rights, Leadership and Governance.


Community Training Participants
  • Open public training
  • Local CBO’s
  • Amakhosi (Traditional leaders)
  • Churches
  • Local Government Structures
  • Schools (learners)