Vision & Mission


Enhanced rural communities’ capacity to use human rights, law and democratic values to advance their socio-economic and justice aspirations for improved quality of life.


  • To play a pivotal role in the sustenance of a human rights culture through its multi-pronged education and training programmes.
  • Our projects include, Access to Justice, Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance, Capacity-Building for Community-based Structures, Gender Awareness, HIV/AIDS and the law and Rural Development support.


  • Create an enabling environment conducive to the practice of human rights, addressing systemic injustice and unfairness, by doing the following:
  • Raising awareness and practice of the rule of justice, democracy and good governance
  • Contributing to development of a solid foundation for democracy and rule of justice
  • Promoting a gender sensitive culture in rural communities
  • Sensitizing paralegals, rural citizens including leadership to HIV/AIDS as a human rights issue
  • Building capacity for Management Committees of CAOs affiliated to CLRDC
  • Facilitating developmental initiatives including economic sustainability.