cover1Local Government

This publication assists the reader to understand the current structures of local government. The manual also informs people about important legislation such as the Local Government Municipal Structures Act No 117 of 1998, and the Municipal Systems Bill of 2000, it also explains the relationship of local authorities with other levels of government and with the communities they serve. The level of accountability of councilors to their constituencies is enhanced by the Code of Conduct. Certain guidelines will be followed by the councilors, traditional leaders and officials when they carry out their functions and duties.


Achieving Equality

AchievingEqualitycoverThe second publication in the Community Law Centre’s series on South Africa’s final constitution and Bill of Rights, was launched on 9 August 1997, National Women’s Day. The first publication in this series, About our Constitution, provides an overview of the contents of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and details of the constitutional machinery established to respond to human rights violations. Achieving equality focuses on the right to equality. It examines the aspects of equality identified in Article 9 of the Constitution, namely equality before the law and equal protection and benefit of the law, equal enjoyment of rights and freedom from discrimination. Finally, it provides contact details for various resource organisations which can provide assistance to those whose right to equality is being abused. Equality is a fundamental principle underpinning our constitution and Bill of Rights. The challenge facing government and citizens is to put policies and programmes in place to government and citizens should ensure that policies and programmes are practical and accessible to ordinary people, and contribute towards our culture of equality.


constitutioncoverAbout our Constitution

The Community Law Centre’s new publication on South Africa’s final constitution, was launched on 21 March 1997, National Human Rights Day. This manual is the first in a series planned to make the Constitution a living document for everyone. Our constitution has received world-wide acclaim for its protection of fundamental human rights and promotion of a democratic culture. However, unless citizens are aware of their constitutional rights, they will not be able to recognize nor take action against human rights violations. This manual provides an overview of the Constitution, with a special focus on Bill of Rights, probing the implication and application of its contents. The manual also details how to access the national machinery established to respond to human rights violations. The invitation thrown open to all to achieve their birthright; full equality and equal opportunity in a democratic South Africa.