Nkandla2District: UThungulu
Local municipality: Nkandla
Community served: Ekukhanyeni, Chwezi, Canu, Emangidini, Godile, kwaMagwaza, Mhlayizeni, Mangidini and Ndikwe
Population: 114 416

Nkandla Paralegal Office is located in a remote area of breath-taking mountainous beauty which consists of tribal lands.  The office recently moved from Ekukhanyeni Traditional Authority and moved to the local municipality buildings.  The Advice office was established in 1999, since its inception the office provide free legal services to the community and deal with cases such as:

  • Social grants,
  • RAF claims,
  • Dependants benefits,
  • Provident fund claims,
  • UIF claims.

The office conducts community educational workshops on human rights and socio-economic rights.


Staff: Vacant


Office contact details

Nkandla Paralegal Office

P O Box 363




Tel:  078 0954 856

Email:  inkandlaoffice@gmail.com