Our Approach

In order to achieve its objectives the CLRDC undertakes a number of activities which include:

Step 1

Identification and selection of paralegals with the assistance of management committees

Step 4

Production of reading and workshop materials which focus on legal, human rights and gender subjects and these are used for training and workshops.

Step 2

Facilitating rural workshops or training paralegals to do this on topic such as law, human rights and gender related issues.

Step 5

Include gender sensitivity in all its curricula
Organize presentations and training for paralegals, women and traditional leaders on HIV and AIDS and related issues

Step 3

Work with relevant institutions to train traditional leaders on legal, human rights and gender issues .

Step 6

Invite rural management committees and paralegals for strategic planning and monitoring exercises.

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Mr Sithole is an Executive Director of Community Law and Rural Development Centre and Ex-officio member of the Board, as its Secretary. He has been the helm of the organisation from 1 July 2012. Mr Sithole holds a Masters Degree in Social Science from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and has led a number of projects as a Co-ordinator. He has more than 20 years working in the NPO sector.

Mr. Sandile Sithole
Executive Director, Community Legal & Rural Development Centre

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